The lighting equipment factory
Nizhny Novgorod, village tile, d. 14, letter. A9

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ПромТехЭлектро : Ликёро-водочный завод ПАРЛАМЕНТ ПРОДАКШН

Ликёро-водочный завод ПАРЛАМЕНТ ПРОДАКШН

ПромТехЭлектро :

ПромТехЭлектро : Взрывозащищенное освещение. Лукойл. Кстово.

Взрывозащищенное освещение. Лукойл. Кстово.

ПромТехЭлектро : Индукционное освещение. Завод Газпромтрубинвест. г. Волгореченск

Индукционное освещение. Завод Газпромтрубинвест. г. Волгореченск

ПромТехЭлектро : Освещение промышленных и складских площадей

Освещение промышленных и складских площадей


About company

The modern, dynamic, high-growth Nizhny Novgorod enterprise “Promtechelektro” since 2007 specializes on release of the low-voltage electrotechnical equipment, explosion-proof lamps, industrial and street lamps и комплектующих to them. We offer you at the favorable prices production of our enterprise: actuator magnetic PM12 series; explosion-proof VZG-200 lamp, energy saving induction lamp VZG-200n, explosion-proof lamps of a series: РСП45 under DRL lamp, ZhSP47 – HPL, GSP47 – MHL, puskoreguliruyushchy device (throttle) for gas-discharge lamps of a high pressure of type HPL, HPS, MHL. Also we can offer a wide number of street and industrial lamp lamps RKU, ZHKU, NKU, ATN, ZHSP; including energy saving lamps in which one of the most advanced light sources is used – induction lamp, and also completing to lamps. Specialists of our company constantly conduct work on design and production of new products, using thus the front lines and modern decisions and technologies.

If it is necessary, delivery of the made equipment to the buyer is made. Delivery can be carried out both own transport of JSC Promtekhelektro, and any convenient transport company.