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Box for instrumentation type KR-B

PURPOSE to accommodate the instrumentation, as well as any equipment for visual inspection, including monitors and displays, if necessary, their installation as in hazardous areas with aggressive environment, as well as for general industrial applications.

Weight: 4.8 kg
Price from: 9999 RUB

• Production and transportation of oil or gas,
• Refineries Refinery
• Chemical plants,
• Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy,
• Pulp and paper industry,
• Food industry,
• Medium Machine Building Plant (NPP, concentrating
factories and others.)
• Defense industry,
• Power (CHP, HPP, TPP, boiler facilities)
• Water supply, sewerage, waste management,
• Maritime and River Transport,
• Mining.

The maximum voltage 380 V
Maximum current per contact 40 А
Degree of protection IP65
Climatic performance  UHL1 (on request UHL2, UHL3, UHL4, UHL5, HL1, HL2,
HL3, HL5, T1, T2, T3, T5)
Number of cable entries   3
The diameter attached cable 8-16 mm
Dimensions, not more 285h245h101 mm
Weight with mounting kit, not more than 2 kg
Lifetime 8 years


Article Transmission Type of cable
A Degree
У08710 КR-В-100-02          –          380   40 Ex d llС Gb U IP65 1,6
У08711 КR-В-100-02   type “d”          380   40 Ex d llС Gb U IP65 2
У08712 КR-В-100е-02    type“e”          380   40 Ex d llС Gb U IP65 1,8


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