DSP52 low voltage version
DSP52-ХХn-000 on a swing suspension. Version 000 means direct entry of a permanently connected cable
DSP52-ХХn-001 on a rotary suspension. Execution 001 means the presence of an input box

Explosion-proof lamp DSP52 series low-voltage

*Interpretation of symbols

Designed for use as an individual portable lighting device in explosive zones 1, 2, 21, 22, where, under operating conditions, the formation of explosive mixtures of gases and vapors with air is possible.







Used as a stationary device on fixed or mobile equipment

Explosion-proof lamp of ДСП52 series consists of two, three or more lamps of smaller power connected in parallel with the help of specially designed rigid fasteners, which allow to use one suspension and one input box for the whole modular assembly. Lighting fixtures are arranged at the customer ‘s request.

The special feature of the DSP52-XXn lamp housing design makes it possible to use it on special cars and mechanisms operating under heavy operating conditions in areas where explosive dust or gas mixtures may appear.

Nizhny Novgorod Special Vehicle Center actively uses these lamps.

Additionally, the lamp can be equipped with explosion-proof cable entries for armoured cable or with attachment for metal hose.
DSP52-ХХn in low-voltage version (in AC and DC circuits 12… 48 V) allows to use it as a portable explosion-proof lamp during repair of tanks and oil pipelines, as well as to use it on various mobile rigs, pumps, etc. according to the category of explosion protection.


– oil production and transportation
– gas production and transportation
– oil refineries
– chemical plants
– ferrous (FM) and non-ferrous metallurgy (NFM)
pulp and paper industry
– food industry
– NPPs, concentration plants, etc.
– defense industry
– energy (TPP, hydroelectric power station, state district power station)
– water supply
– sewerage
– recycling
– sea and river transport
– mining industry



D — LED module is used as light source;
S — suspended lamp;
P — for industrial premises and buildings;
52 — number of a series of the lamp;
а — Antistatic design for explosion protection type 1 Ex d mb op is IICT5 Gb ;
н — low-voltage execution;
000 — lamps with permanently attached cable, without input box and box;
001— lamp with inputbox without box;010— lamp with box without input box;011— lamp with input box and box;

АО — Lamp with input box and box with emergency power supply unit installed in it

L — Lamp with lenses, opening angles: 150х50; 130х130; 119х42; 138х138.


General characteristics

Explosion protection: Degree of protection


On gas

1 Ex mb op is IIB T5 Gb X

Climatic performance

 NF1 (-60….+50°C)

On dust

Ex tb IIIC T185°C Db

Case material

Aluminium alloy as per GOST 1583-93

Lighting characteristics

Type of light source

 LED module

Light intensity curve type


Luminous Flux, Lm

up to  3738

Colour temperature, K


Color rendering index, Ra


Radiation angle 2Ɵ 0,5 , deg


Electrical specifications

 Power consumption, W

 up to 30

Cable diameter, mm

 > 0.95

Rated voltage, V

∼⁄– 12..48 V — low voltage power

  Nominal frequency, Hz

 50 ;60

Light flow ripple coefficient

less than 10%

Class of protection against electric shock according to GOST R IEC 60598-1-2003



Overall dimensions

   see section “Drawings”


Weight of the lamp, kg

no more than 3,6


Vendor code Model of the lamp Explosion protection marking Power, W Voltage, V Luminous Flux, Lm Operating temperature, ° С Degree of protection Weight no more than, kg
У09926 ДСП52- 15н -000 1 Ex mb op is IIB T5 Gb X / Ex tb IIIC T185°C Db 15 12 или 24 1869 -60…+50 IP67 1,2
У09879 30н 30 3738 2,4
У09576 ДСП52- 15н -001 1 Ex d mb op is IIВ T5 Gb X / Ex tb IIIС T85°C Db 15 12 или 24 1869 -60…+50 IP67 2,2
У09578 30н 30 3738 3,4
У10167 ДСП52а- 15н -000 1Ex mb op is IIС T5 Gb X/ Ex tb IIIС T85°C Db 15 12 или 24 1752 -60…+50 IP67 1,4
У10254 30н 30 3504 2,6
У10253 ДСП52а- 15н -001 1Ex d mb op is IIС T5 Gb/Ex tb IIIС T85°C Db 15 12 или 24 1752 -60…+50 IP67 2,2
У09572 30н 30 3504 3,6


P: Portable C: Console Mount
 ДСП52 хх 000 рым болт Contents of delivery:

  1. Lamp– 1 piece.
  2. Passport – 1 piece.
 ДСП52 хх 001 консоль
Contents of delivery:

  1. Lamp– 1 piece.
  2. Console mount – 1 piece.
  3. Passport – 1 piece.

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