Explosion-proof lighting fixtures, zone 1


Explosion-proof lighting fixtures, 1 zone (industrial)

The company «Promtechelectro» offers you a novelty in the field of explosion-proof lighting equipment – LED lighting fixtures of the DSP48 and DSP52 Designed to illuminate the premises of industrial enterprises, open industrial sites, outdoor installations and other places where the presence of explosive atmospheres is possible with the classification of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, according to the explosion protection marking.

Explosion-proof LED lighting fixtures- stand-alone device

The body of the lamp is unique, specially designed for the LED light source. Structurally, the lighting fixtures consists of a housing, an LED light source and an electronic driver.

Explosion-proof luminaires with high-performance LEDs

Explosion-proof LED lamps Promtechelectro developed using advanced
technology (light output of more than 116 Lm / W). Wide angle LEDs are used as standard.


Power: 15 to 50 W
Luminous Flux: from 1886 to 6286 Lm

dsp48-xx-02 without clamp

Power: 15 to 50 W
Luminous Flux: from 1886 to 6286 Lm


Power: 15 to 80 W
Luminous Flux: from 1886 to 11169 Lm


Power: 15 to 40 W
Luminous Flux: from 1886 to 4882 lm

DSP52 low voltage version

Power: 15 to 30 watts
Luminous Flux: from 1752 to 3738 Lm

DSP52 with power up to 90 W

Power: 30 to 90 W
Luminous Flux: 3860 to 10971 Lm

DSP52 with a power over 100 W

Power: 120 to 360 W
Luminous Flux: from 15444 to 43884 Lm


Power: 15 to 50 W
Luminous flux: 1886 to 6268 Lm