Emergency explosion-proof lighting fixtures


Emergency explosion-proof lighting fixture

Emergency lighting — is lighting that is turned on when the work light supply system is damaged. Emergency lighting provides the minimum necessary lighting conditions to continue working indoors and outdoors in cases where the lack of artificial lighting can cause serious consequences for people, production processes, disrupt the normal functioning of the company’s life centers and service centers for mass consumers.
There are two types of emergency lighting. – informational and reserve. The first is represented by lighting devices, with the help of which escape routes for people are indicated, especially dangerous zones are illuminated, as well as light sources to prevent panic. For example, explosion-proof board of the DSP52-IT-AO series of the Promtechelectro company.

The second type of lighting is necessary for the correct completion of production processes in the event of an unexpected power outage.  For example, an emergency explosion-proof lamp of the DSP48-AO series of the Promtechelectro company.