Explosion-proof lighting fixtures, zone 2


Explosion-proof lamps, zone 2

The company«Promtechelectro» brings to your attention a novelty in the field of explosion-proof lighting equipment for group II with a type of explosion protection “n” – LED explosion-proof lighting fixtures of the  DSP52-2 series.
Designed for lighting of industrial enterprises, open industrial sites and other facilities where explosive atmospheres are possible with classification of zones 2, 22, according to explosion protection marking.

Explosion-proof LED lighting fixture – stand-alone device

The body of the lamp is unique,specially designed for the LED light source. Structurally, the lighting fixture consists of a housing, an LED light source and an electronic driver. To improve the optical characteristics and increase the energy efficiency of the luminaire, special toughened glass is used as a light transmitting element .

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures with high-performance LEDs

Explosion-proof LED lighting fixtures Promtechelectro developed using advanced
technologies (light output of more than 140 Lm / W). Wide angle LEDs are used as standard.

DSP52-2 with power up to 240 W

Power: 10 to 240 W
Luminous Flux: from 1246 to 29904 Lm