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About company

We are glad to welcome you on the official website  Promtechhelektro,  Nizhny Novgorod!

Dynamically developing since 2005, the company has extensive experience In the development and manufacture of high-quality and safe lighting for chemical, oil refining, metallurgical, gas and other industries. We specialize at production of explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof, induction, LED, office, industrial аnd street lights.

The enterprise carries out a complete cycle of production: design, development of technical documentation, production of tool equipments, foundry, metalworking shop, assembly shop and Several stages of inspection by technical control departments.

Design of products and development of design documentation are carried out in КОМПАС-3D.

The company constantly conducts new developments in the field of lighting, industrial explosion-proof electrical equipment. The own staff of high-level designers and engineers is working on the creation of safe and technological equipment, with which it is convenient to work and it is possible to solve the most difficult technical tasks. Over the years, the works have been designed, tested, certified and put into serial production The following equipment groups:

– Several series of explosion-proof lamps

– Lamps for incandescent lamps and compact lyumnistsentny lamps

– Lamps for gas-discharge lamps

– LED lighting fixtures – office, street, for housing and communal services, phyto-lamps, industrial lighting

– Series of lamps for emergency lighting

– Light-emitting lamps for mines and places with high moisture content

– Explosion-proof mounting boxes

Own production of casting equipment, dies and molds, as well as a complete cycle of metal processing of own products and to order.

The highest quality products are ensured by continuous control at all stages of production. Raw materials for the foundry are purchased only after spectral express analysis. Raw materials are checked for compliance with the declared characteristics and composition.

Own foundry allows you to quickly implement the development of the engineering and technical department and carry out quality control at the stage of production of buildings.

Hydro tests are carried out in our own laboratory of explosion-proof shells before assembly. Measurements of the luminous flux, temperature inside and outside the lamp.

All manufactured products of PromTechElectro are certified according to the requirements of the Customs Union TR CU 012/2011, comply with Russian and international standards, have permissions from the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision. Certificates are issued on the basis of Test Protocols and Acts on the results of the analysis of production conditions. The company confirms the requirements of the Certificate of Conformity GOST ISO9001-2011.

Our company is an active participant in specialized exhibitions.

A dedicated team of like-minded people as quickly and efficiently responds to market demands and will be happy to help you with the selection of the necessary products. Working with us, you will get reliable partners, new markets and the pleasure of cooperation!

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