The plant of lighting equipment «Promteсheleсtro» actively studies foreign markets. Most recently, our company received a unique opportunity to join the international business mission and participate in negotiations with several oil companies in Egypt, Cairo, which took place from 10 to 12 December.

Egypt is an agricultural-industrial country and one of the most economically developed countries in the Middle East and Africa.

In 1995 , the ARE parliament ratified Egypt ‘s membership of the World Trade Organization.

Egypt exports oil and petroleum products, food and industrial goods. Therefore, it is not surprising that the products of Promtechelectro company attracted great interest of many oil companies of this industry.

Business Missions are collective overseas visits to negotiate with potential buyers of enterprise products/services.

Program of a business mission:

  • Round table with participants “Features of doing business in North Africa”
  • Holding of individual targeted meetings and business negotiations with Egyptian enterprises on the profile of activities and presentation of manufactured products in order to discuss the supply of Russian products to Egypt;
  • Meetings and talks with Egyptian industry representatives;
  • Meeting with the Russian Trade Representative in Egypt on interaction with potential Egyptian partners.

Purposes of a business mission:

  • Development of trade and economic relations between our enterprise and the Arab Republic of Egypt,
  • Presentation of our company and products,
  • Organization of export of products,
  • Solving the challenges of expanding the market for products,
  • Development of the international cooperation.

Main participating companies of a business mission:

GANOPE (Egyptian Oil Holding Company)                                     Abu Qir Petroleum (Oil company)

EGPC (Egyptian State Oil Corporation)                         Khalda Petroleum (Oil company)

Qarun Petroleum (Oil company)                            ECHEM (Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company)



The representatives of the companies showed great interest in the products of the plant Promtechelectro and expressed their interest in supplying lighting products to their enterprises.

Participating in a business mission has provided Promtechelectro with the opportunity to directly build relationships with future foreign partners , gain valuable international experience, acquire new business partners and enter into profitable deals.