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Explosion-proof box type KR-В

PURPOSE To perform various compounds and supply chain automation, made armored cable or flexible cable in the pipes as per GOST 3262 in Zone 1 and classes according to GOST IEC 60079-10-1-2011, GOST IEC 60079-10-2-2011 premises and outdoor installations, according to the marking of explosion protection and GOST IEC 60079-14-2011.


Weight: 4.8 kg
Price from: 9999 RUB

• Production and transportation of oil or gas,
• Refineries Refinery
• Chemical plants,
• Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy,
• Pulp and paper industry,
• Food industry,
• Medium Machine Building Plant (NPP, concentrating
factories and others.)
• Defense industry,
• Power (CHP, HPP, TPP, boiler facilities)
• Water supply, sewerage, waste management,
• Maritime and River Transport,
• Mining.

The maximum voltage 380 V
Maximum current per contact 40 А
The number of dial-up terminals to 12 pcs.
Wire range up to 4 mm2
Degree of protection IP65
Climatic performance  UHL1 (on request UHL2, UHL3, UHL4, UHL5, HL1, HL2,
HL3, HL5, T1, T2, T3, T5)
Number of cable entries   3
The diameter attached cable 4-16 mm
Dimensions, not more 285h245h101 mm
Weight with mounting kit, not more than 2 kg
Lifetime 8 years


Article Transmission Type of cable
A Degree
У08707 КR-В-100-01          –          380   40 Ex d llС Gb U IP65 1,6
У08708 КR-В-100d-01   типа “d”          380   40 Ex d llС Gb U IP65 2


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