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Industrial induction lamp series DKSG02 570

PURPOSE Тo the high lighting facilities (production halls and warehouses, shopping and sports halls, garages, sheds, railway stations, airports).

Power Consumption: 55 W
Luminous flux: 5600 lm
Weight lamp: 5,3 kg
Price from: 9999 RUB.

  • body is made of rolled steel deep drawn. Coated housing – weatherproof powder enamel. Stainless steel clip.
  • Light diffusers (he and reflector) is made of aluminum by rotary drawing and subsequent chemical treatment and resistant to environmental influences, maintains its parameters all the time of operation;
  • protective tempered glass in the metal shell is attached to the reflector using three metal locks and folds when relamping.

Overall dimensions(L*H*B), mm 570х540
Lamp Weight, kg 3,9
Voltage,V 150-260
efficiency 0,98
Cosφ 0,9
Degree of protection  IP 65
Method of attachment mounting ring / hook
Mounting height, m 8 — 16


Type Marking Power, W Luminous flux Cartridge The ambient temperature during operation, ° C Marking lamp
Induction lamp ПТЭ-ДФТН200 200 14500 М* -40°С<ta<50 ДКСГ02 570 200 М 02
ПТЭ-ДФТН300 300 22800 ДКСГ02 570 300 М 02


With induction lamp 60-85 W krs_60-85 (1) krs_2_60-85
With induction lamp 125-150 W krs_125-200 krs_2_125-200


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